Bruce Rauner Slashed Services for Illinois Families

Bruce Rauner’s manufactured 736-day budget crisis destroyed the tools Illinois families use to build better lives. While holding Illinoisans hostage to his crisis driven agenda, Rauner slashed funding for social services, launched an all-out assault on education, and decimated the Illinois economy.

  • During the infamous “Good Friday Massacre,” Rauner cut over $26 million in services for people with autism, burying the poor, and helping smokers quit.
  • Over 1,500 employees were laid off at public universities and colleges throughout the state.
  • Lutheran Social Services of Illinois stopped 30 different services and slashed 750 jobs, cutting services for approximately 4,700 people.
  • $9 million in state funding for sexual assault and domestic abuse services was slashed. 
  • Almost 47,000 fewer children and their families are receiving affordable childcare. 
  • Close to 80,000 people across Illinois lost access to mental health services. 
  • Rape crisis centers were devastated, leaving thousands of victims of sexual violence without critical care. 
  • Funding for higher education was slashed by $2.3 billion, 59% of its total budget. 
  • 24,000 fewer Illinoisans received addiction treatment services as opioid deaths skyrocketed throughout the state. 
  • Enrollment in Illinois’ higher education institutions plummeted as students lost access to financial aid while tuition ballooned.