Bruce Rauner Slashed Funding for Child Care and Early Childhood Education

As governor, Bruce Rauner attacked funding for child care and early childhood education programs. During his 736-day budget crisis, child care organizations saw their funding dry up, eliminating critical positions and programs that give Illinois children an opportunity to achieve their potential and parents the tools they need to strengthen their families.

Rauner Failed Me
  • Rauner reduced income eligibility for CCAP by 73% in 2015, slashing services for children and their families. 
  • Family Focus was nearly forced to lay off 71% of their staff after the state fell $2.7 million behind in payments.
  • Nearly 47,000 fewer children and families received affordable child care due to the crisis. 
  • Nearly 30% fewer families with young children received proven, cost-effective parent coaching and home visiting services.

Bruce Rauner Held K-12 School Funding Hostage

After forcing devastating cuts to early childhood education, K-12 schools, and Illinois’ colleges and universities with his 736-day budget crisis, Bruce Rauner vetoed historic school funding legislation. Rauner had the nerve to call the legislation an “accomplishment,” before once again using his veto pen to derail a fix that allows the legislation to take effect. He only implemented the new formula after forcing through a back-door voucher program.

  • After vetoing a historic school funding formula, Rauner manufactured a K-12 school funding crisis to force a back-door voucher program.
  • Rauner followed up his veto of his ‘accomplishment’ with a veto of a fix to the formula, throwing school funding back into crisis before striking a last minute deal with people he appointed.

Bruce Rauner Attacked Higher Education in Illinois

As governor, Bruce Rauner has led an all-out assault on higher education in Illinois. By manufacturing a 736-day budget crisis, colleges and universities across the state were forced to make devastating cuts year after year. Students fled, tuition was hiked, employees were laid off, and even bond ratings and rankings plunged under Bruce Rauner’s failed governorship.

  • After failing to fund MAP grants, Bruce Rauner put over 100,000 Illinois students at risk and sent tens of thousands fleeing the state.
  • Rauner dragged five public universities to junk bond status.
  • College and universities were forced to lay off thousands of employees and hike tuition.
  • Public university leaders say, “it will take years to neutralize the harm” to their schools after Rauner’s budget crisis.
  • U of I, ISU, SIU plunged in the latest U.S. News & World Report Rankings after years of inconsistent state funding.
  • Rauner proposed cutting funding for Illinois universities by 31.5 percent in 2015 and 20 percent in 2017.