All in Education


Williamsville, IL

Bruce Rauner doesn’t respect teachers, or public education. He thinks his own agenda is more of a priority than the state’s responsibility to fund public education.


Naperville, IL

Bruce Rauner’s failed policies have had a great deal of impact on my district. Other districts in the area take in almost 2.5 times more than we do, and we’ve had to really cut down on our already tight budget.


Wood River, IL

When MAP grants weren’t being funded during Rauner’s budget crisis, I had students come tell me they weren’t sure if they were going to be able to come back to school. That uncertainty means they’re less likely to get their degree.


Oak Park, IL

The past few years under Bruce Rauner have been really scary for us. The conversation we’ve been forced to have nonstop is whether or not our schools can survive and thrive.


East Chatham, Chicago

Bruce Rauner wouldn’t approve a budget for almost three years and as a result, there were lay-offs at CSU. I was one of the first of the 300 people who got let go.


Midlothian, IL

Before Bruce Rauner became governor, we had a large amount of substitute teachers and paraprofessionals. Now, if I’m sick, I have to think about how that is going to affect my students.


Edwardsville, IL

I’d rather be contributing to the Illinois economy, because I care about my home state. I hope I can go back for medical school, but I’m not sure what will happen.


Edwardsville, IL

There are good universities here and I know that JB will improve education in this state. I don’t want other moms worrying about sending their children out of state to school, like I have.