Rauner’s Dismal Job Record

Under Bruce Rauner, Illinois’ economy has seen dismal growth with his failed leadership directly to blame. Rauner’s manufactured crises and disastrous mismanagement of state government have hurt Illinois’ working families, leaving the state with above average unemployment and minimal wage increases. Even when he travels abroad to recruit businesses, Rauner can’t help but bad mouth Illinois and the economy he ruined.

  • On a trip to Asia trying to drum up business, Bruce Rauner bad mouthed Illinois’ business and regulatory climate.
  • Job growth has plummeted during Rauner’s time in office.
  • Illinois’ unemployment rate is one of the highest in the nation.
  • Rauner recently chose to hire a Boston-based company over three Illinois providers for a $1.2 million contract to run an opioid crisis hotline.