Bruce Rauner Fatally Mismanaged the Quincy Veterans’ Home and Failed Illinois Veterans

While Bruce Rauner is asleep at the wheel, a Legionnaires’ crisis is spiraling out of control at the Quincy Veterans home, and 13 veterans and spouses have died while dozens of others have been sickened. Year after year, new cases of Legionnaires’ surface putting the lives of our nation’s heroes in danger. Instead of taking charge and ending the crisis, Rauner continues to dodge responsibility and cover up the damage of his fatal mismanagement. Rauner has no regrets after 13 died on his watch, saying “we handled it exceptionally well, and we wouldn’t have done anything different.”

  • Bruce Rauner’s fatal mismanagement of the Legionnaires’ outbreak at the Quincy Veterans’ Home led to the deaths of 13 Veterans and spouses with families still waiting for answers from their failed governor.
  • Quincy staff testified that they were kept in the dark by the Rauner administration and learned of outbreaks from media reports. Rauner later accused staff of lying. 
  • Despite his fatal mismanagement, Rauner maintained that he “would not do anything different.” 
  • Rauner refused to take moral responsibility for the deaths, and instead pulled a political stunt as he continues to fail to get the crisis under control.
  • Making matters worse, Rauner’s 736-day budget crisis halted construction of a 200-bed Veterans’ home on Chicago’s Northwest side and forced cuts to critical Veterans’ services.